Founded in 1979, from a need for exporters of beef to become more performance focused and more agressive in defending their particular interests, the ABIEC became the main representative of industry in the areas of international trade regulations, health requirements and open markets.
The creation of ABIEC was a milestone for the industry and the Brazilian economy, since the institution has given voice to its members and facilitated the dialogue with national governments, other international organizations and class.
In partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency - ApexBrasil (Apex-Brasil), ABIEC and its associates have participated in international fairs, such as SIAL in Paris (France); Sial China in Shanghai (China), Prodexpo in Moscow (Russia), Gulfood in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), and Anuga in Cologne (Germany),
All partnerships require effort and dedication. To perform all the steps, the results are positive and the achievements a reality.
We used to sell just over $600 million per year, but today the reality is different. In 2017, Brazil reached approximately US$ 6.3 billion, increasing the value of its exports by more than tenfold.
In 1979 Brazil's participation in the global beef market was still nascent, marked by a series of requirements and protectionism.
Besides of defending the members' interests and stimulating technical development, professional and social from enterprises, ABIEC has worked with state and federal governments in implementing health programs (public and animal health) through technical committees.Brazil has health agreements with several countries and at the same time the production sector and ABIEC accelerated its professionalism, seeking new markets successfully.
as well as workshops in partnership with Brazilian embassies around the world and to receive authorities and opinion leaders who visit the meat production chain in order to promote Brazilian products abroad.
About fifteen years ago, Brazilian beef was not on the agenda of the issues discussed in international forums.
It is with this heritage that ABIEC will continue to work and fight to strengthen the image of its associates and of Brazil in this demanding world Market.


To synthesize, coordinate, represent, promote and defend the interests of all Brazilian companies exporting unprocessed and processed beef, conducting studies and interfacing with public and private bodies to seek solutions for general and specific problems that affect the sector;
To conduct educational campaigns to inform public opinion about matters relating to beef exporting;
To collaborate with public authorities and other trade associations in all matters relating to the domestic and international beef markets;
On request, to offer conciliatory mediation to resolve disputes between members or between members and other exporters;
To organize meetings, congresses and expositions to develop the beef exporting sector;
To collaborate with third parties that share similar aims - including foreign organizations - in studies and research about problems related to beef exports;
To organize, and offer to members, services and support related to the specific interests of companies involved in beef exporting;
To promote Brazilian beef via the marketing program "Brazilian Beef", which may include participating in fairs and organizing workshops and such other events as may help promote the brand internationally, in order than Brazil can consolidate its position as global leader among beef exporters;
To increase the number of international markets that buy Brazilian beef.


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